Glamor vs. Simplicity: Finding Out the Best Chandelier for Your Budget

It is widely known that a chandelier is an item of luxury, but there are many options for affordable chandeliers available in the market.

The purpose of incorporating chandeliers to a living space is to attract attention. They are designed for that particular reason.

This mesmerizing decorative item was intended as a practical tool to lighten up the places where the light was needed.

However, they shifted their meaning and purpose from merely a light fixture to a symbol of status and wealth.

Since chandeliers become something that indicates luxury, the designs changed from enhancing practicality to a more elaborate and ornate detailing. The answer to the question: why are chandeliers so expensive lies behind the material and the crystals used.

Eventually, the rich were competing to have the best chandelier that money can buy because they want to outdo each other regarding elegance and sophistication.

It does not mean that ordinary people, people who are not swimming in money and gold, cannot experience the beauty of a chandelier.

Since the beauty of a chandelier becomes the most desired thing to have in living spaces, many manufacturers started producing more affordable chandeliers with simpler designs and affordable materials.

So, if you want to buy a chandelier and you think “why are chandeliers so expensive?”, you should probably opt for a much more affordable one. This article will show you various types of chandeliers and range them from the most expensive ones to the affordable ones. All you have to do is determine which one suits your style and your financial condition.

The most expensive ones

If you are a billionaire and you have too much money on your hand, below is the list of the most expensive chandeliers in the world.

1. Givenchy Royal Hanover

William Kent designed Givenchy Royal Hanover in 1736. It has eight branches with intricate and glamorous details. This piece was made of silverwork featuring an iron cross and supported by cherubim. In 2011, the chandelier was sold at an auction at Christie’s for about 9 million dollars.

2. Baron de Redé’s chandelier

Baron de Redé’s cut glass chandelier is the second-most luxurious and expensive chandelier which was sold at an auction for 1.7 million dollars at Sotheby’s. Even though it was nowhere near the Givenchy Royal Hanover chandelier, the cost of this chandelier is still jaw-dropping. Originally, the piece was a lighting fixture in the Hotel Lambert in Paris. This exquisite chandelier was finished in gilt bronze, and it was a cut glass chandelier which marked the remarkable lighting engineering of its era.

3. The Imperial Chandelier by Alberto Bruni Tedeschi

Many people believe that this exquisite chandelier is closely related with Napoléon. It is possible that it was made based on the request of Emperor Napoléon and it was produced in around 1812. Even so, the “Imperial Chandelier” expressed no restraints regarding its elegance and luxury, and it is kind of ironic to the revolutionary idealism posited by Napoléon that was behind his rise to power. The chandelier features glass rods, and the upper and lower parts of it are gilt bronze with cut glass beads. The Imperial Chandelier was sold at Sotheby’s, and the cost was around 1.3 million dollars.

4. Cut crystal chandelier by Alberto Bruni Tedeschi

Among others, this cut crystal chandelier is less extravagant in price, but it does not mean that it is not sophisticated. The item can still be an opulent piece of the 19th century regarding the lighting technology used. It was sold for 1 million dollars at Sotheby’s.

The affordable ones

If you are a minimalist and looking for a simple design and functionality of a chandelier, below are the options that you can choose from to suit your style and budget.

1. Quintessential crystal

If you want to introduce elegance and flair to your living space or dining room, you can consider buying a quintessential crystal chandelier. This crystal chandelier has four lights, and it looks more expensive than its cost. What makes it affordable is the old-fashioned brass finish of the fixture base. The chandelier features a teardrop shape of crystals, and it brings out the Victorian-era vibe to your space.

2. Simple and modern

Chandeliers are not only crystals and gold. If you are not a fan of something classic and elegant, you need to look for a more simplistic and modern design. Valencia chandelier made from gray wood and iron can be your option. It combines the use of black iron pole and brown wood. It is natural-looking, but at the same time dramatic.

3. Ornate orb

If you are looking for a chicer looking chandelier, you can opt for an ornate orb design. This is perfect for space where you want to inject the feeling of warmth and flair. The spherical candelabra combines the vintage and industrial vibes which is versatile enough for any settings, but it will be perfect if you want to introduce a little bit of masculinity to your living space.

For those of you who are still wondering why are chandeliers so expensive? Because you look at it only as lighting, it is not functionality that makes it costly.

It is the combination of designs, intricate creation process, quality materials, and most importantly, the message that the owner wants to deliver that makes it so expensive.


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