The Many Types of Luxurious Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers can enhance the elegance of a room. Knowing different types of them can help to determine which one that suits one’s style.

Are you currently looking for the perfect crystal chandeliers to be added to your living room, bedroom, or foyer? Crystal chandeliers may look like one another, but there are several different types of crystal chandeliers on the market. Crystal chandeliers are often portrayed as a symbol of luxury and status, and only rich people can afford it. Some of them are auctioned at insane prices of more than 1 million dollars. Today, many elegant crystal chandeliers have been modified to meet the mass market standard. Even though it is affordable, it still ignites the luxurious vibe. Before choosing which one to buy, here are the different types of crystal chandelier as well as other types that are more subdued that you must consider.

Crystal chandelier

The dramatic effect is the focal point and the signature of this ceiling fixture which is dripping in crystals. You can use a large crystal chandelier as a statement piece in your living room or foyer, or a small one that you can hang in your dining room. Whichever you choose, these fixtures will add character to your home and impress your guests. The examples of different types of crystal chandelier include Swarovski, Spectra, Egyptian/Moroccan, Turkish, Italian, and Chinese crystals.

• Swarovski: Manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps, this type of crystal is one of the most qualified crystals in the world. The process of manufacturing Swarovski crystal is secret and inherited. This type of crystal can be found in chandeliers in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

• Spectra Crystal: Spectra Crystal manufactures the crystal. The quality of the crystal is high and clear. It is also considered as the perfect choice if you look for the sparkle, spectral colors, and light reflection.

• Egyptian/Moroccan crystal (Gemcut): Gemcut is a machine cut glass of crystal whose flawlessness and clarity exceed the standard of this industry. Even though it is still far from Swarovski crystal regarding quality and luxury, it is still a prismatic brilliant offering visual purity and precision.

• Turkish crystal: Turkish crystal underwent a labor and intensive manufacturing process. It was first cut in two stages, iron and sandstone grinding wheels, by hands. Each crystal will be polished with marble dust. To mark its authenticity, you can find some traces of the wood wheel used to polish the crystal. It is the human touch inside the making of the crystal that makes it so special.

• Italian crystal: This type of crystal comes from around Venice, specifically from the glass-making region. The crystal is molded and polished using fire rather than machine or hand. Therefore, the finished result has a subtle luminosity. The price point for Italian crystal is still modest if compared to cut crystal.

• Chinese crystal: Chinese crystal is mass produced, and that’s why it has a mesmerizing look of a crystal chandelier at a modest price. The crystal is like those that are most expensive, cut and polished. It is a good bet for those of you who are looking for a beautiful chandelier for less.

Other types of chandelier

If you’re looking for other types of chandelier besides the crystal ones, here are some recommendations of what to choose from.

1. Glass chandelier

Glass chandelier can bring simplicity and trendy touch to your rooms. It is a contemporary looking chandelier which induces peppiness to your living space seamlessly. This beautiful chandelier can give you the freedom of choosing the places or styles where you want to hang it. It is also available online if you want to purchase it.

2. Candle chandelier

Do you want to have a rustic decorative item to be added to your house? Perhaps this candle chandelier can give you what you want. It has bulbs that mimic the flickering candlelight, so it can realistically portray burning candles. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and at an affordable cost, it will add character to your house, so it looks charming and stunning.

3. Chandelier with shades

If you want to incorporate a discrete light source into your living space at home, you can opt for a chandelier that comes with shades. Depending on the angle and the shades’ thickness, it can give a soft, medium, or hard lighting. These chandeliers are sold in various sizes and shapes. They also have various styles ranging from classic to modern. You can decorate your space by matching the chandelier with your curtain to create a more cohesive look.

4. Pendant chandeliers

Pendant chandelier is another type of chandelier that you can consider purchasing for your house. It can induce a contemporary touch, and sometimes there are irregular styled ones that look great if placed in a kitchen or entryway. It can also give a romantic vibe as well as flair and elegance. The smaller pendant chandeliers can be hung over nightstands. You can also decorate a tree with the smaller ones by bunch them up together.

Knowing the different types of crystal chandelier can give you the options that you need when you want to purchase one for your house. If you are fond of the crystal ones, you can pick one that suits your budget and style. If you think it is too expensive or glamor, you can opt for the other types of the chandelier that don’t have crystals in it.


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