Chandeliers and How to Make Them

Chandeliers and How to Make Them

The way chandeliers are made is as complex as their designs. It includes much processes and precise execution. It combines science and art.

Crystal chandeliers can be the center of attention of every room. It can bring elegance and enhance the overall feel of the room.

Chandeliers have various designs and styles, so you can find one that suits you. When you see a grand chandelier hangs above the hotel lobby, you might wonder how it’s made. Sometimes, a chandelier consists of many crystals with different shapes.

It looks intricate, complex, and delicate at the same time. This article will show you the general ideas of how chandeliers are made. After you read it, you will find yourselves loving your chandelier more and tending to it wholeheartedly.

It’s no surprise if most of the people buy chandeliers without even knowing the intricate and long process of manufacturing chandeliers.

Perhaps not even one of us has the slightest idea as to how chandeliers are made. The way chandeliers are made as complex as their designs. Many chandeliers have very complicated designs and the best crystal pieces.

That’s why it takes a long time for the manufacturers to create one because it is made from the finest materials. That is also the reason why most chandeliers are pretty expensive and exclusive.

Materials used

Centuries ago, chandeliers were crafted using the finest gold, and only the royals and elites can enjoy the magnificent beauty of this kind of chandelier. However, nowadays, people started to seek much simpler and more affordable chandeliers to be hung inside their houses. That is the reason why many manufacturers start to make the lighting fixture more affordable by incorporating various cheaper materials.

One of the types of chandeliers that we often find today is the crystal chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are crafted mostly out of the cheaper options than gold: copper, iron, or brass. The consideration behind those materials is that since chandeliers have a lot of heavy crystal pieces, they need to have something that is sturdy and weighty enough to support and balance it. Most of the fixtures are plated in gold to make it more glamorous. However, crystal chandeliers made of solid gold is very rare these days due to its expensive costs.

The process of making crystal chandeliers

To understand how chandeliers are made, firstly you need to know the process behind crystal making, the ones that make chandelier as glamorous as it is. Much time is required to create one perfect piece of chandelier crystal because crystals are made meticulously and intricately. Everything needs to be precise and perfect to make sure you have the best lighting in your home.

Crystals are formed as an amalgamation of glass and lead. They are made by fusing intricate glass parts at a very high temperature and melting silica sand in a furnace along with hot ash, lead, and other ingredients. The glass used to make crystals is usually made of the fine sand. The sand is heated to a very high temperature until it melts down and becomes nebulous.

The lead will be mixed with the sand with the right proportion to come up with a crystal piece and with no imperfections. The hot crystals are heavier, and they produce more sparkles than glass. They have a vibrant hue that glows, and it doesn’t look like it’s made on planet Earth.

After that, it can be formed into various shapes and needs to be allowed to cool down. It can look like so much fun seeing the making, bending, and shaping processes of the crystal into what you want it to be. The process is extremely hard, delicate, and complicated. It needs more than one craftsman to create chandelier crystals, and they must stretch and mold the crystals perfectly. After the crystals are stretched, the craftsmen snip the excess on both ends. Cold air is needed so that it can speed up the crystals’ solidification process.

Once the crystals are made, they can be placed in the frame. The clarity of the crystals can affect the brightness of the light. If you want to have a brighter lighting fixture, the crystals need to be clear and perfect. The crystals that are not cloudy can produce strong rays of light, and it can brighten up your house. You can also opt for colored crystals if that suits your needs.

It is awesome to know that high quality and priced chandeliers are mostly handmade and manually assembled. The thought process, the designing, and the crafting process are remarkable. During the assembling process, every piece of crystal serves its purpose. Usually, there is one crystal that stands out and brings the whole ambiance.

With the complicated and mesmerizing creation process, whatever the design, chandeliers are worthy to be the center of attention in every room. It is truly a remarkable, mesmerizing, and dazzling mix of art and science. Surely, after knowing what it takes to create an amazing chandelier, having one at home feels amazing. Thinking about the effort that the craftsmen have done, caring for your chandelier feels like deep appreciation of their work of art. To see how magnificent the process of creating crystal chandelier is, you can watch it here:


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