How to Determine the Right Height for Your Chandelier

In every room, there is a rule on how to hang a chandelier, and by learning the rules of thumb, you can implement it in real life.

Chandeliers are the perfect addition to your interior design because it can add a little bit of flair and elegance to a space and make a room a statement.

Chandeliers with a lot of sockets are also perfect for large spaces because they produce more light.

Most of the people use chandeliers as the perfect lighting option for dining rooms and kitchens, as well as foyers and living rooms.

Basically, places you would want overhead lighting to be at. However, each place has different rules to properly hang the chandeliers.

It needs to be positioned perfectly in accordance to the ideal functionality and your own style. Keep reading if you want to now the tips on how low should chandelier hang and make sure you do it right.

Dining area

Traditionally, a chandelier, or any kinds of hanging fixture, in a dining room hangs overhead, above the center of the dining table. It also acts as a statement of the design feature in the room.

Thus, getting the right height for a dining room chandelier is important because it doesn’t only function as a light fixture, but it is also the center of the room décor.

If you think that it is very complicated, you’re not entirely wrong. Don’t worry, though. You can start by trying out the recommended standard height and if you feel like it’s not good enough, you can make some adjustments. In fact, if you hang it and you feel like it’s doing its job by providing good lighting and you like how it looks inside the dining room, you’re doing a good job.

The basic rule of thumb for dining room chandeliers is that they should be hung over dining tables or kitchen islands.

The recommended height is somewhere between 30 to 36 inches above the table or any other surfaces.

If you have a single chandelier, it should be positioned in the center of the table or island. If you have a couple of chandeliers, they should be hung 30 inches apart from each other.

Living room

The first thing that you need to pay attention to on how low should chandelier hang is that the brightness of chandeliers must be scaled to fit the size of the room. So, if you have a tiny living room, don’t buy a big chandelier and vice versa.

To determine the perfect size for your living room you would want to measure the length and width of the room. The total measurement of the room should be equivalent to the diameter of the chandelier.

For example, if your room is 13 x 17 feet (30 feet in total), you should get a roughly 30-inch chandelier.

To hang it, position the chandelier at least 7 feet above the floor of your living room, if you have a standard 8-foot ceiling.

If you have a taller ceiling, you should probably hang it around 8-foot high. If you have a 2-story house, you should never hang it lower than the height of the first floor.

Position the chandelier in the center of the focal point in the room. In case of living rooms, it should be centered over the seating area.

Tips on how low should chandelier hang

• Do not buy chandeliers whose size is larger than the width of your dining table because your guests my bump into it when they try to get up. The ideal size of the chandelier is 12 inches narrower than the table and it must have 48 inches of space from the walls of edges of the room.

• You need to keep in mind that chandelier’s lighting that beams onto a person from above can cast not so good facial shadows. Also, if you hang it too low, the heat from the bulbs will make you feel uncomfortable.

• Do not use high wattage bulbs because they will increase the heat. Try adding some shades to help you set up the mood and to make the beams more flattering.

• If you have a larger foyer or an open lobby, a chandelier will provide some sort of a transition from the outdoor to the indoor, so it will set the mood for your house. For this kind of space, you need to hang the chandelier high to illuminate stairways. The ideal height is around 0.5 meter from the upstairs landing.

• Also, if you have a bigger area or lobby setting, you can purchase a wider chandelier than the one in your dining room and hang it higher. It will fill the space and it won’t look like a small fish in a big pond. However, it should be at least six and a half feet from the floor.

• To make your chandelier look interesting, you can dress the hanging wire or the chandelier chain by using a narrow sleeve of your favorite fabric to cover it up. The fabric must be three times longer than the chain to make it look interesting. You should try it for the holiday.

How you decorate your house is completely your choice. However, knowing the ideal setting of a chandelier will give you insights and ideas of how the chandelier should look like. After you follow the instructions and you don’t feel so sure with how it looks, you can make some adjustments and make it more “you”.


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