How to Make Changing a Chandelier’s Light Bulbs in High Ceiling Look Easy

Changing a chandelier’s light bulbs in high ceilings can be daunting, but you can use tools like a sturdy ladder and a light bulb changing pole.

Changing a light bulb is never considered a challenging task.

It is actually quite simple and only took minutes to do it. However, if this is chandelier’s light bulbs that we are talking about, it is a different story.

Looking up to the foyer chandelier hanging from the ceiling can make you feel like changing its light bulbs is a mission impossible and pretty sure you will get annoyed. This article will help you tackle this issue like no other. After learning how to change chandelier light bulbs in high ceilings, you will see how it is a piece of cake.


The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that the power is already turned off. This is important to ensure your safety. All you have to do is switching off the button in your fuse box.

However, you need to be aware that it will probably shut off all the power at your house. If your chandelier uses a fixture with a plug, you should also make sure that it is unplugged before changing the light bulb. Bear in mind: always be careful when you’re dealing with electricity.

Next, before you unscrew it, wait a few minutes until the bulb cool off. If you unscrew it immediately after shutting off the power, there might be a chance where it will still be hot and your finger might get burned.

In addition to that, you need to make sure that you step on something secure and sturdy. Do not put a balancing act on an unsteady chair or something.

Use a stepladder instead. That way, you can reach the chandelier to change its light bulb without slipping or falling. You can also buy a special extension tool to remove the light bulb and make it a lot safer to do.


If your ceiling is not that high and you can use the stepladder to reach the chandelier, this process is pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is put a new bulb in the socket. Turn the bulb clockwise and you are ready to roll.

Quick tips to remember: turn clockwise to insert the light bulb, turn counter clockwise to take it out. If your ceiling is unbelievably high, you might need an extension tool to reach the chandelier. You can go to a home improvement store or browse for the product online and purchase a light bulb changing pole.

Usually, the extenders can give you a really long reach. Next, you need to attach the suction cup to the hole. The pole will fasten the suction cup onto the bulb. Place it on the bulb, give it a little twist, and gently remove the old bulb.

After that, put a new bulb on the suction cup, put it up into the lighting fixture, give it a little twist, and pull the string to loosen up the suction.

You can test the new bulb by turning on the electricity. Learning how to change chandelier light bulbs in high ceilings is as simple as one, two, three.


Disposing light bulbs safely is the step that most people take for granted. Light bulbs are very fragile.

If you throw them away haphazardly in your garbage bag, they can break easily and cut someone. What you have to do is wrap the old bulb with a newspaper or old magazine and put it inside the new bulb’s package.

Throw it away in a safe place so that children cannot reach it. It will be much better if you can find a way to recycle the old bulb to minimize waste.


• Invest in an LED light or any longer lasting light bulb. Even though it is a little bit more expensive, it will last longer so you don’t have to change the bulb often.

• Always prepare a drop cloth or a thick blanket underneath the chandelier so that when the light bulb falls or slips out from your hands and breaks, the cloth will catch the debris and tiny shards of glass.

• If the bulb breaks when it is still in the fixture and you want to get it off, turn off the electricity, get a potato or similar vegetable or fruits with the same texture and cut it in half, and pressed the potato around the broken bulb. Unscrew counter clockwise until the bulb come out safely. Don’t forget to clean the remaining juice from the lamp before turning on the electricity.

• Always have a backup bulb and buy light bulbs in bulk. Light bulbs are something that some people tend to forget when they are out shopping. When you have guests at your house and the lights go off, you will regret not buying any back up bulb. That is why buying light bulbs in bulk will give you a peace of mind. You can simply store them and use one of them when a bulb broke.

• Keep various types of light bulbs that you use in your house. Each room requires its own lighting intensity so you need to keep that in mind and stock up on them.

That’s all you need to learn on how to change chandelier light bulbs in high ceilings. Now, there are no excuses for you not to clean that beauty.


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