How to Change Fluorescent Light Bulb Safety

How to change fluorescent light bulb? Is it the same as changing regular light bulbs? Find out here before doing it on your own.

How to change fluorescent light bulb? At first glance, we might assume that it is just the same as changing the standard ones. However, there are differences that we need to watch out for. Follow these steps carefully and thoroughly.

I. When to Change Fluorescent Light Bulb?

To change it with a new one, watch for any signs that it starts going bad. A flicker is one subtle example. The dimming of the light is another. The final and obvious sign is when it stops working at all.

It is better that you change the bulb before the last stage occurs.

II. What Tools Do We Use?

– A 4-in-1 screwdriver.

– A bulb sockets.

– A wire stripper or cutter.

– A replacement bulb.

III. What Do We Need to Pay Attention to Before Changing the Light Bulb?

Of course, the very first step you need to do is go to the main supply and turn the power off. Unless you have a superpower that causes you to be immune to electrical jolts, you do not want to hurt or get yourself killed this way.

Another thing to pay attention to is the size of the light bulb. Sure, you have already known that it needs to be the fluorescent type. Unfortunately, it will be useless if the new bulb to replace is not of the same size. It is also dangerous to push it. If it is too big, it will not be secure.

Last but not least, make sure that the bulb is not loosely placed, or the connection is not poor. Test it by making sure it is securely locked and then turn the electricity on. If it flickers, then the connection is loose. Remember, always turn the power off before removing the light bulb.

IIII. What Do We Need to Watch Out When Changing the Light Bulb?

First, this is not something that you can do in a hurry. Most fluorescent light bulbs have plastic panels beneath them. They are known as lenses or “diffusers.” Remove them first before releasing the bulbs from the fitting.

Push the panel upwards carefully. Then lightly tilt it to release the bulb. With one hand, slowly rotate the bulb clockwise.

Most light bulbs need a full quarter turn. You need to slowly slight it away from the socket. Do that until one end is released. After that, repeat the same process to the other end until it is completely off the socket and the bulb is in your hand.

Before you throw away the old, used fluorescent light bulb, make sure you are aware of the regulations from where you live. In some places, you cannot just throw them into regular trash bins. Just like plastic, bulbs have their own too.

To fit the new fluorescent light bulb, hold it against the socket in a horizontal position. Rotate it slowly and clockwise until the two prongs are with the small grooves in the socket. The prongs should be slotted inside the fitting’s grooves. Then turn the bulb counter-clockwise. Rotate it for just a quarter turn until you hear a click into position.

The click should be a sign that the bulb is securely locked in position at each end.

V. What Do We Need to Do After Changing The Fluorescent Light Bulb?

Okay, so now the new fluorescent light bulb is in place. Let’s test it.

Turn the main supply back on. If you still see the bulb flickers, perhaps you need to readjust the position. (Do not forget to switch the power off again before doing this.) Try turning the bulb for several degrees until you get the connection right. You can also repeat the process of putting the light bulb from the beginning to be sure.

If your power supply is fine, but the bulb still does not work, perhaps it is a faulty one. Return it to the store immediately and demand another that works for real.

If the bulb works, then your job is done.

VI. What Are the Possible Dangers In The Process of Changing The Fluorescent Light Bulb?

As mentioned earlier, always make sure the power supply is out before removing the bulb and changing it with the new one.

Another thing you need to watch out for is if the fluorescent light bulb is broken. Since it contains a bit of mercury, it is a danger to toss it aside or into a regular trash bin.

So, what should you do if you accidentally break a fluorescent light bulb while changing it? Here are the steps:

– Make people and pets leave the room.

– From ten minutes to a few hours, let the air into the exposed room.

– Turn off the AC or heater.

– Wipe the broken glass and powder up and into a container before you seal it. To dispose of it, follow the regulations from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.)

That is how to change fluorescent light bulb. Remember, always put safety first.


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