How to Clean a Gold-Plated Chandelier

Gold plated chandelier can be cleaned using vinegar solution and soft cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust from the fixture surfaces.

Adding a gold-plated chandelier can give a touch of luxury and class to your living space. However, just like a movie star, chandeliers tend to go in and out of fashion. During its time of glory, chandeliers can cast beautiful light all around your house, but when dust and grease build up, they will look sad and eventually, you will put yours to the storage room.

If your chandelier is plated with true gold, it may resist most tarnish even though dust, cobwebs, and grease will inevitably build up over time. So, it doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your chandelier when it’s not looking that good anymore. With an effort and some tips, you can definitely bring your beautiful gold-plated chandelier back to its former glory by learning how to clean gold plated chandelier.

Finding out the material of the chandelier

Speaking of the material used on chandeliers, most of the early 20th-century chandeliers are made of brass which can be cleaned with only soap and water. You can easily clean it using a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. If it is made of steel, copper, or cast-iron, you cannot use the soaking method to clean your chandelier. The reason behind that is because cast iron can rust so easily when it is exposed to water. You can wax it or apply oil after cleaning it.

Also, you need to make sure that if your chandelier is made of those materials, it needs to be covered with paint to avoid the rust. In addition to that, chandelier fixtures finished with paint are quite difficult to clean safely. The reason being is that most cleaners can dissolve the paint and make your chandelier looks unappealing. So, finding out the material of the chandelier is the first step to learn how to clean gold plated chandelier.

Things you need

Cleaning a gold-plated chandelier is not as intricate as most people imagine. You will only need to gather some basic stuff that you can find at home. You will need a stepladder or ladder to reach the chandelier, microfiber dust and cloths, mild phosphate-free dish detergent, toothbrush with soft bristles, vinegar, and polishing cloth. You can create a DIY cleaning solution by mixing one part of white vinegar and one part of warm water.

Basic preparation

The first thing that you cannot and should not forget is turning off the lights.

You can also go an extra mile by completely disconnect the electricity. You need to make sure that you are fully understand the circuit breaker at your house and how it functions.

If you are not so sure, as a precaution, you can ask a skillful and knowledgeable electrician or your friend who is quite familiar in operating the breaker box to help you out.

Just a little note, you do not need to adjust the wiring during this process.

Next, don’t rush things. It is understandable that you want to get the cleaning done in a short amount of time, but if you don’t want to get any burn on your fingers, you need to wait until the light bulbs feel cool to the touch. To make use of the time, you can prepare your workspace.

Place a cloth or a tarp underneath the chandelier to make sure the dust or cobwebs won’t ruin your carpet and other surfaces.

Set up the ladder securely and check if it is sturdy enough to support your body. Lay a thick blanket to prevent any crystals or bulbs from falling and breaking. Make sure the ladder is in a comfortable height so that you can reach the chandelier easily.

After all set, you can start cleaning your gold-plated chandelier.

Start the cleaning process

You can start by using the microfiber duster to free any loose cobwebs or dust from the chandelier. Dust all area of the chandelier, including the collar, scroll, candle cups, chains, arms, prisms, and bulbs, gently.

Next, you have to remove the chandelier’s crystal trimmings and bulbs, and wash them just like you would dishware by using hot water with mild, phosphate-free detergent for dishes. Using a microfiber cloth, dry them all and continue to let them air dry as you clean up the rest.

Gently wipe the surface of the bulbs by using a microfiber cloth dampen with the white vinegar solution. After you finish wiping the bulbs, immediately dry them with a clean microfiber cloth and set them aside to let them continue air drying along with the crystal trimmings.

Next, move on to the gold-plated surfaces. Use another cloth dampened with warm water and soap. Please use mild, phosphate-free dish cleaner or detergent. Wipe all the gold-plated surfaces gently and thoroughly.

If you find some stubborn grime or grease, brush them off with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use a dry microfiber to dry them.

Allow it to dry for about an hour and rub all the gold-plated surfaces with a polishing cloth that is usually used for jewelry. Use straight line movements rather than circular patterns. Reassemble all the parts and turn the chandelier back on.

Now, your chandelier looks beautiful just like the first time you bought it and you can finally teach other people on how to clean gold plated chandelier.

There are several tips that you need to keep in mind, though. Never clean any gold plating with bleach, ammonia, or any cleaners that have chlorine in it. Gold is also prone to scratches, so make sure you use soft materials when cleaning your chandelier.


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