Vinegar: A Savior of Your Chandelier’s Elegance  

To clean chandeliers, vinegar solution is the most reliable cleaner, and the drip-dry method is the easiest way to do it.

If you are someone who wants to add a bit of a flair and incorporate elegance in your living space, or maybe you just want to add a little bit of a distinctive character, having a chandelier may be one of the ways to do it.

However, without good maintenance, the elegant chandelier may lose its charm when it is covered with grease and dust.

Since chandelier can be a focal point of your living room or dining room, it will be the first thing that your guests will notice when they come into your house.

Of course, you don’t want your dusty and greasy chandelier to be the ice breaker, do you?

If you want to maintain its beauty, you need to give it regular maintenance. Chandeliers do not need to be cleaned once a week. You only need to invest some of your time to clean it every 12 months. Even though it may look challenging and time and energy consuming to clean it, there is something that can make the work less exhausting – vinegar. This article will show you how to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar.

Why vinegar?

There is a scientific explanation behind the use of vinegar as a potent cleaner. The acidity in vinegar is the hero of it all. The acidity in vinegar can counteract some stains and buildups like soap scum, brines, greasy surface and even glue from stickers.

Most of the stains and buildups that you encounter in your daily live are slightly acidic.

Therefore, they can easily dissolve away when they are introduced to another acid, which is vinegar.

What you will need

Cleaning a chandelier can be a one-man job, but like everyone says, two is better than one.

So, if you feel like you are capable enough to do it, you can do it alone, but just to be safe and to save time, you can ask your partner or a friend to help you out.

For this task, you will need:

  1. a large plastic sheet to cover your table or floor
  2. a-roll of masking tape,
  3. plastic bags,
  4. a spray bottle,
  5. water,
  6. cloths,
  7. vinegar.

Gather them around in one place, or you may also wear an apron with pockets so you can keep all the things you need with you.

How to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar

One of the methods of cleaning a chandelier with vinegar is called the “drip-dry” method. Here’s what you need to do to drip-dry your chandelier:

1. Turn the power off as a precaution. If you do not understand how the breaker box at your house works, you may need an assistance of a knowledgeable electrician.

2. Wait until the bulbs cool down to prevent burns.

3. Spread the plastic sheet below the chandelier to cover the surfaces from dust and debris and keep them clean during the whole process. Bring a ladder and set it up securely right beneath the chandelier. It is important to adjust the length of the ladder so that it will be easier for you to reach the chandelier. Make sure you can stand up safely and comfortably on the ladder and wear comfortable footwear so that you won’t slip.

4. Wrap the candelabra light sticks with a plastic bag and secure them with a tape so that they won’t get wet.

5. Create a solution by mixing water and vinegar. The vinegar : water ratio can be 1:3 or 1:1. If you’re using a milder version of vinegar, like apple cider vinegar, you may use the 1:1 ratio. Pour the solution into the spray bottle.

6. Spray the entire chandelier with the vinegar and water solution. You can concentrate more on the crystals because they have the most impact on the chandelier. Give the chandelier a good spray like you are bathing it with the solution. To make sure the solution covers up the whole area, you should move around the chandelier and don’t twist it. If the layer of dust and grease is not thick, you can let it air dry. If you have an old chandelier that hasn’t been cleaned for more than a year, you will need a soft and clean washcloth to rub the crystals gently. You may need to respray the solution a couple of times to get them sparkling again.

7. After it is fully dry, remove the plastic bag from the candlesticks and you may turn on the power.

When you have cleaned your chandelier, the sparkle and elegance that were once gone will come back and brighten up your living space. No scrubbing involved, no sore arms, no wasted time – it is as simple as giving your chandelier a nice bath of vinegar solution. However, you need to keep in mind that there are each type of vinegar has its own level of acidity. For example, white vinegar may be too strong for some types of cleaning. Some types of vinegar are milder, like apple cider vinegar. That is why dilution is important and you need to make sure that you have the right ratio. Now you can teach others on how to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar!

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