How to Clean Microwave Ovens with Lemon and Vinegar

The reason why microwaves need cleaning

A dirty microwave has residues of the various foods which are cooked in it. It will often have a foul odor making it difficult to work in the room.

Additionally the food particles can pose a health risk since they may decompose, and fall in the food which is being cooked, resulting in food poisoning , Hence a person owning a microwave should clean it periodically

Causes why the microwave gets dirty

Often while placing the food being cooked in the microwave, it will will spill out of the container or bowl. The food will fall on the floor, turntable, sides and top of the microwave.

Also while cooking the food may expand and fall out of the container. Some food may evaporate and form a residue on the inner surfaces of the oven.

Finally while removing the cooked food from the oven, some of the food may again spill out, dirtying the surface. If the spilt liquid food is not cleaned immediately, it will become hard and form a crust.

The correct cleaning method

Applying soap or similar detergents for cleaning may not be very effective. Additionally this may result in a residue which can fall into the food being cooked.

Hence it is advisable to use food ingredients for cleaning, since they will not leave any residue which is not edible.

Some of the edible ingredients which are used for cleaning are lemon, vinegar, baking soda.

When heated these will loosen the dirt which is adhering to the surface of the microwave, making it easier to clean the surface. The surface is then wiped clean

Equipment used

The quantity of the cleaning ingredient reequired depends on how dirty the microwave is, for a dirtier microwave a larger amount will be required.

In addition to the cleaning ingredient being used, the other supplies required are a microwave safe bowl with water, since the ingredient is added to the water.

The microwave is required to heat the mixture. A sponge is required for wiping away the dirt which has become lose, and then paper towels can be used to wipe the inner surface dry

Step by step to clean microwave

How to clean microwave with lemon

– Take a lemon and cut it into two or more halves

– fill a bowl which is made of material which can be safely kept in the microwave with water

– squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl

– add the cut lemon pieces in the bowl

– keep the bowl with lemon juice in the microwave for three minutes at high power, till the water will boil

– switch off the microwave and wait for five minutes so that the steam will act on the food junk

– the boiling water will lemon juice will act on the walls and inner surfaces of the oven, to loosen them

– Use a sponge to wipe off the dirt from the surface, inner walls, door and turntable

– some additional effort may be required for removing the stains

How-to-clean microwave with Vinegar

– Depending on how dirty the microwave is, either half a cup or one cup of vinegar will be required.

– A quantity of water which is the same as the vinegar quantity will be added to the bowl

– the mixture of vinegar and water will be kept in the microwave and heated for up to ten minutes depending on how to dirty the microwave it. The mixture should be heated for at least five minutes

– keep the door closed for some time after switching off the microwave to losen the dirt

– wipe the microwave clean using a sponge.

Important things to avoid while cleaning

It is important to avoid using a bowl which is not suitable for microwave use.

After switching off the microwave it is important to wait for some time, so that the steam will act on the surface of the microwave.

It is also recommended that a soft sponge is used, to avoid damaging the surface of the microwave. Cleaning the door is also important and should not be forgotten.


Using the methods described above it is possible to clean the microwave thoroughly and inexpensive. Regular cleaning of the microwave is not only more hygienic, it will help reduce the energy consumption and increase the life of the microwave.


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