How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry?

Silver Jewelries are a staple in almost everyone’s collection.

No matter what age group you belong to, a silver jewelry is always going to complement your look.

The elegance and grace of this metal steals the show every time you have it on.

That is the reason why silver is used in making of a wide range of jewelry items like necklaces, rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, anklets and many more.

Silver as a metal also has a great variety .The different forms of silver which are made into jewelry are mainly alloys like the sterling silver, nickel silver, Argentum silver.

The pure form of silver called the Fine .999 Silver is the only form which does not tarnish with time.

However, it is way too soft for being effectively used in all sorts of jewelry. Let’s discuss about how to clean tarnished silver jewelry.

Methods of Cleaning:

Silver other than the pure silver reacts with the air and the moisture around to form a greenish tint over its actual shade.

Most of the forms of silver come with the major drawback of getting tarnished with time and exposure.

Thus, it important to be aware of how to clean silver tarnish. This inevitable fate of silver can’t be prevented.

However, what can be done is bring back the silver back to its original state and color by following few methods.

* Detergent: Soak your silver in a detergent solution made with hot water for a whole minute. Rinse and let dry to witness your silver shine as bright as new.

* Ketchup: Apply ketchup on your silverware and let it sit for 15 minutes if not more. Rinse it thoroughly before rubbing away the tarnish either with a cloth or a toothbrush.

* Cornstarch: If cornstarch is made into a paste with water and applied using a slightly wet cloth over any silver jewelry, the tarnish becomes easier to clean.

The only work after that is to let the silver dry and rub off the tarnish with a rough piece of cloth. Tartar cream can also be used as an effective alternative for Cornstarch paste.

* Hand Sanitizer: hand Sanitizer is another effective tool that helps in cleaning of silver ornaments. Spray some amount of sanitizer on the silver piece you want of clean and wipe away the tarnish from it.

* Lime Soda: RITRIEVE the shine on your silverware by giving it a bath of lime soda for about an hour. Rinse and dry once that is done.

* Toothpaste: toothpaste is also effective in restoring your silver to its shiny state. Use a piece of cloth to rub toothpaste on silver and rinse it eventually. Your silver will shine bright again.

* Window cleaner: window cleaners have the quality of cleaning silver and bringing them back to their original grace. Apply window cleaner on your silver jewelries using a toothbrush and the green tint of tarnish will be gone.

* Hair conditioner: A hair conditioner is not just beneficial for your hair, but is good for keeping your silver jewelries clean as well. Conditioner is also known to clean a lot of other stuff.

* Vinegar: vinegar is a well known and very versatile cleaning agent.

Give your silverware its spark back by soaking it in vinegar for about 2 to 3 hours. It is even better, if you add some baking soda in the vinegar.

Make sure to rinse the jewelry properly after the treatment is done so as to get rid of the smell of vinegar.

* Chalk: This is a precautionary method to prevent your silver ornaments from getting tarnished.

Keeping a few pieces of chalk with silver helps the silver sustain its luster as the chalk pieces absorbs moisture from the surrounding keeping the silver free of it.

* Lemon and Salt: for this, start with forming a mixture lemon juice and some amount of salt in water. Keep your silver ornament for an overnight soak and the next day it will get its shine back.

* Ammonia: Just 10 minutes of time is enough for your silver jewelry to soak in a cup filled with ammonia to retrieve its color and luster. Wipe out the remains of ammonia and let dry after that.

Equipment used for cleaning:

The tools mainly useful in cleaning a silver jewelry are pieces of clothes or rags.

For jewelries with intricate detailing, toothbrush is a more preferable tool so as to reach the nooks and crevices.

Silver jewelries can became the statement of any look.

Thus it is important to embrace your silver collection with proper treatment and regular cleaning.

So, keep good care of your silver jewelry. Hopefully these methods and tips will prove helpful in doing so.

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