How To Remove A Broken Light Bulb From Socket Safety

Removing a broken light bulb from socket is not as scary as you might think. Here are some of the options to help you do it.

Accidents can happen, no matter how careful we try to be. Removing a broken light bulb from socket is one of the examples. It is not just a matter of making sure you will not cut your fingers. There are other things to consider too.

I. Why Light Bulbs Break and What To Do Before Removing them.

From the ones getting knocked over or crashing to the floor to simply low-quality bulbs, they do get broken. Removing a broken one from a screw-shell lamp holder requires caution. First things first, you need to check if the electricity has already been shut off. Then, you need to be careful in getting rid of it without cutting your fingers.

II. Safe Methods In How To Remove A Broken Light Bulb From Socket.

After paying attention to two important things earlier, how to safely remove a broken light bulb from a socket in your house? There are different tools that you can use since turning off the power supply is still not enough. You might still get yourself some serious electric jolts because here is the thing:

Chances are, it could be the corrosion between the socket and the metal base. This thing commonly happens if the problematic light bulb is in your basement or bathroom. You have to be extra careful in damp places.

These tool options include:

1. Pliers.

A pair of pliers has been tested through time and proven to be safe for removing a broken light bulb from socket. They can grip the filament’s glass base and twist it counter-clockwise. The base might break free from the socket’s threads and be completely off the hook.

2. A raw potato.

This edible tool also works wonders to help you to remove the broken light bulb. As usual, do not forget to switch off all the power in the house. Wear your gloves, shades to protect your eyes, and pliers.

After cutting the potato in half, press it firmly against the socket. Twist it counter-clockwise. The potato should be the grip on the bulb’s base. Once the base is out, you can remove both the broken bulb and the potato. (Of course, you can no longer eat it.)

3. A melted soda or other plastic bottles.

Remove the cap and seal the band from the bottleneck. By using a heat source, whether a lighter or a stove, melt the bottle tip until it turns into the shape of a cone.

4. Quick setting epoxy.

This tool is used when the light bulb is in the place that is hard to reach. Of course, after making sure all power at home is out, mix up a piece of epoxy putty. Then pack it into the bulb base. Press a flathead screwdriver right into the epoxy before removing the screwdriver again.

Wait for five minutes to see the epoxy hardening. To screw and unscrew the base from the socket, you can also use the same screwdriver.

5. A broken bulb extractor.

The broken bulb extractor is a special tool that you can find in your local hardware store. The function is the same. After switching off the power supply, breakaway additional glass. Insert the extractor into the bulb base before gripping the handle to expand the extractor’s tip.

Turn the extractor counter-clockwise before you carefully pull it back – along with the attached broken bulb stuck to it.

III. Other Issues Related to Broken Light Bulb and How To Safely Remove them.

In some cases, removing a broken light bulb from socket is extremely difficult. This has something to do with the bulb being badly corroded. If this is the issue, here is what you can do:

– Use hot glue and a ½ x ½ stick of wood.

– Apply a heavy blob to the stick. Press the stick into the base of the broken bulb.

– If the heavy blob of glue does not fill the base, add some more by injecting it with a glue gun. Wait for five minutes to make sure the glue turns cool.

– Turn the stick (usually counter-clockwise) to screw the base.

With this method, you do not use just any kind of glue. Use the bulb lubricant solution, which you can also purchase at your local hardware stores.

IV. Other Things To Pay Attention To When Removing A Broken Light Bulb From Socket.

Besides making sure that the power supply at home is already off, there are other things to pay attention to when removing a broken light bulb from socket:

1. Make sure that your hands are not wet.

Anyone with basic science knowledge should know that water and electricity are a lethal combination.

2. Wear rubber gloves if you may.

To some, this may be considered a paranoid’s idea. To be on a safe side, why not?

When it comes to stuff about how to remove a broken light bulb from the socket, you have plenty of choices already. Removing a broken light bulb from socket may not feel that scary.


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