Led Light Pros and Cons, What We Need to Know?

LED Lamps

What is the LED light? Light Emitting Diode or we know it as an LED lamp, is the type of light that its internal system converts the electric current into the light.

LEDs are great semiconductor lamps for use as a light in various needs such as daily lighting and electronic devices.

Many advantages of the presence of LED lights in this day and age. But behind the benefits, it also has a weakness, what is that? Let’s see.

Led Light Pros and Cons

Led Light Pros

1. Save Energy

LED lights can provide bright light with little power consumption.

The required electricity consumption can save up to 80% when compared to the use that needed on other lamp types of previous generations with the assumption of having similarly light results.

With the efficient use of electricity then we can provide more extensive lighting when used as lighting in general with a smaller cost.

2. Longevity

A lot of testing is done and states absolutely if the led lamp has the endurance or a longer lifespan than other types of lights.

Life expectancy LED lamps up to 15,000 hours, or equivalent to 13 years for normal usage (10 hours/day)

3. Stay Cool

Another advantage of LED light is the light it produces is not hot. That means the LED will not make your house becomes warm. Differentiate between conventional fluorescent lamps/neon; the light is relatively hot.

4.UV Free

LEDlight is UV (Ultraviolet) free.

Sure, UV rays radiation cannot give an impact in a short of time. But if exposed to your UV rays every day, of course, the effect will undoubtedly feel.

UV is also suspected as harmful radiation to the ozone layer

LED Light Cons

1.LED is more expensive despite reducing year by year but other types of lights also do the same.

2. The resulting light color is not sharp

3. The assembly of the LED component is more complicated than other light.

4. Light color limited

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