Light Bulb Comparison-CFL Bulb vs LED

The point in relating CFL bulb vs LED is pretty clear. The LEDs are eminent in everything except the cost.

In the past, there might not be assorted choices when it comes to designing your interior lighting.

No matter how high your budget was, incandescent bulb was likely the greatest option.

Unlike the old days, today’s technology concerning lights has changed significantly – the true evidence is the presence of CFL bulb and LED.

These brand-new varieties indeed bring meaningful impacts on your life.

They’re famous for their energy-saving thing and endurance as well.

Before having a pick on them, these following considerations referring to CFL bulb vs LED are poor to be missed.

CFL Bulbs vs LED: Find out the Differences

CFL Bulbs

Let’s figure out what CFLs (compact fluorescent light) first.

In essence, the working system CFLs is different from incandescent bulbs.

How the light is generated doesn’t rely on a wire filament as the standard bulbs do.

Instead of using it, CFLs power the electric current by way of a tube.

The long cylinder is comprised of mercury and argon vapor.

It eventually results in ultraviolet light rapidly transformed into visible light.

When it comes to utilizing the energy, CFLs are found to be less than the incandescent.

The percentage amount of energy efficiency reaches around 70%. With this quality, the lights can last for a couple of years.

According to an investigation, the lifespan reaches 10,000 hours, equal to 10 years. Speaking of the design, CFLs vary from spiral shape to long tube. If you have no interest in the current forms, you still have a chance to get the traditional one.

Apart from advantages, CFL bulbs, unfortunately, go with some drawbacks.

To reach the total brightness, they take some seconds.

If you wish for the optimum sharpness with an immediate switch, you better leave this out. Simply put, the lights can’t be applied for dimmer switches.

Never install the objects on your dark basement. Besides, the latest sort is not good for your health due to mercury content.


Light-emitting diodes better known as LEDs are known for their super efficiency in saving much electric energy.

Compared to CFLs and incandescent bulbs, this modern human-made creation has the highest staying power.

As claimed by light consumers, these typical bulbs can last longer than their friends – 20,000 to 50,000 hours.

They are five times longer than the rests. For today’s application, LEDs are frequently found in electronic displays.

Is the working system in producing light as same as others? No, it’s dissimilar.

It requires some energy to form the light.

To deal with this, LED carries both electric currents – positive and negative charges.

The light generated is somewhat instantaneous and unswerving or steadfast. Moreover, most important of all, LED can be dimmed.

The lighting up is instant just like the incandescent bulb.

What’s more, LEDs are resistant to chilly temperature meaning that they are convenient to areas with a wintry season.

When the health issue is highlighted, LEDs are Light Bulb Comparison-CFL Bulb vs LED way better.

It turns out that the lights contain no mercury. Light Bulb Comparison-CFL Bulb vs LEDInstalling them to prevent contamination is such a brilliant idea.

Regrettably, you might find them costing the earth.

CFL Bulbs vs LED: Let’s Compare the Price

Besides qualities that CFL bulbs and LED have to offer, some of you might wonder how they are priced at.

In other words, the cost is one of the vital considerations to think about before making a decision.

You need to underline that the real cost is not just about the price tag you see when you purchase for the first time.

Another deliberation would be the operational value over the years.

Realize that buying the one that’s more costly yet long-lasting leads to big savings in the future. Opting for the one saving your cost matters.

The utility cost depending on where you live is matters.

In the States, each customer usually is charged around 12 kilowatts per hour.

To shed light upon the price comparison, you are in need of getting the details.

Let’s begin with the price per item available in the market.

A CFL bulb usually is priced at 2 USD while an LED costs around 8 USD.

When it comes to the price of total purchase over 23 years, it turns out that CFL costs 6 USD and LED costs 8 USD.

What about the total cost regarding the electricity used overall? It’s a bit shocking since CFL is more expensive (42 USD) than LED (30 USD).

In a few words about CFL bulb vs LED, you will always replace the incandescent light bulb with either CFLs or LEDs at the present moment.

It’s up to you to go for a better preference. However, LEDs are nothing yet unbeatable. Although they cost an arm and leg, the sophisticated lights provide better savings in the future.

Additionally, LEDs are long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.

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