What are CFL Bulbs and What are the Benefits?

What are CFL bulbs and their benefits? They belong to the fluorescent lights, way more efficient saving the energy.

To save more energy, people these days fix on CFL bulbs instead. The lights have replaced the traditional ones – incandescent light bulbs.

Although the purchase price of them is relatively higher, their efficiency in saving your electricity cost (five times than the old variety) is in need of attention.

What are CFL Bulbs?

CFL (standing for compact fluorescent lamp) comes with other names such as compact fluorescent tube and energy saving light.

True to its term, CFL bulbs are popular for their energy-saving trait.

There is no wonder that homeowners on the planet use them to flash on their space.

Unlike incandescent light, CFL bulbs have no filaments inside making them energy-efficient.

When it comes to the look, they are spirally designed, and the rests are in the shape of a long tube. Despite so, some still retain their original appearance.

How is the light produced? Without the presence of filaments, CFL bulbs can carry good illumination.

To stimulate gases inside the bulb, a CFL lamp takes full advantage of electric current.

The gases then create a lucent phosphorous covering within the bulb. As a result, the light is successfully made.

For the bulbs to work properly, the existence of ballast, a medium to receive the voltage, is highly required.

There are two sorts of CFL – non-integrated ballast CFL and self-ballasted CFL.

The first kind is pretty comparable to linear fluorescent, yet it’s way smaller.

To buy this, you will find the ballast, and the lamp separated. Meanwhile, the integrated version is invented to substitute both halogen and incandescent lamps.

Do You Know the Benefits of CFL Bulbs?

First of all, CFL bulbs are such a perfect choice for those who want to save the electrical energy.

It seems that your energy cost also decreases.

The lifetimes of the lights incredibly reach out 10,000 hours.

Mathematically, they can last for around ten years. Although their longevity is not the same as the LED lamps reaching 25,000 hours, at least, the compact fluorescent tubes are beyond the halogen bulbs (only 2,000 hours).

Moreover, the standard bulbs normally require 800 to 1,500 hours.

The ratio of energy efficiency between a standard lamp and CFL one is 1 to 5.

Just imagine when you use a 13-watt CFL (meaning that you have a go with a 60-watt ordinary bulb), the energy cost over the life of this typically modern bulb you’ve saved is around 30 USD.

Even if the price escalates, 2 or 4 dollars higher, you still save your cash.

Although the markup in incandescent bulbs is relatively far lower, from 30 to 40 cents, you will always find that CFL is more superior.

CFLs are arguably versatile. Regardless of the setting, they can replace the spot of incandescent bulbs.

With this feature, homeowners can greatly benefit them for a myriad of purposes such as for recessed fixtures, table lamps, as well as track lighting.

Not only are they multifarious in shape but the CFL bulbs also have a variety of sizes you can opt for.

Speaking of environmentally friendly thing, CFL bulbs are nothing yet outstanding. According to the scientific investigation, the white lights can lower down the emissions of carbon dioxide.

Some even claim that installing a single CFL bulb help to diminish half a ton of carbon dioxide in nature.

Are There Some Drawbacks of CFL Bulbs?

Apart from the advantages that the CFL bulbs have to offer, the shining objects also come with some drawbacks.

For those who prefer the dimmer switches, an option with these lights would not be great. You need to underline that not all of the CFLs are in line with the innovation.

Besides, it will cause a serious environmental problem once the lights are shattered are not disposed of properly. A compound like mercury can be something alarming when it’s successfully released.

Yes, they can be very durable, lasting for 10,000 hours. Keep in mind that you don’t switch the lamp on and off too frequently.

The bad treatment will, for sure, affect the bulb’s life. The tricky way to anticipate this type of matter for better prevention is nothing else but by placing the CFLs in a right area like the one that you don’t use it too often.

An extreme temperature also is the reason why the lights are prone to be broken. Again, ensure that you don’t expose it in an outdoor place. To the point, if you want the bulbs to survive, maintenance is the thing you can’t take lightly.

What are CFL bulbs and their advantages? In summary, they are, in point of fact, the progressive forms of incandescent light bulbs that appear to be more energy-efficient and long-lasting. Aside from their disadvantages, these light are able to replace the old version.

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